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Address Claim Type
PRygSVBhuzdqT1wuMZkTqVu5Kzbddia17y 15000 Claim
PE9wusYK9sVRUkAstTfJBa7X6jYGd3pnsz 15000 Claim
PNWFNGoHDvQw1hYB7SsPZixVMujxw4uLTk 1500 Referral
PW3A6SbajtyX7B8PxbkBKdY6bbhfMbVtnH 15000 Claim
PPY1RB94XKWMVFw1u3GJfBp6EufY8JdjX6 50000 Claim
PNWFNGoHDvQw1hYB7SsPZixVMujxw4uLTk 5000 Referral
PVjh9KsAp822VENBkHKRy2QKEC9eKaqWZD 10000 Claim
PFgDEhBwucSiG6oyqgBCfDGGnKaiPNmu25 15000 Claim
PRzia5fXKejunWZb4XsHa6YehMSs3Nq4NH 1500 Referral
P8ipqno9MwXeFN8FRfLExHFCFpHZg5jFp3 15000 Claim


Address Total Claimed
PNWFNGoHDvQw1hYB7SsPZixVMujxw4uLTk 1.28346650 PPC
PGMqkPvVCVceLxMS98YqhWi87Xiy1BvAe4 0.09444000 PPC
PVR9mCEferbfd9a1jgVZftaaj3pPCSvf2G 0.09166500 PPC
PL9TsmfsxTEddxVKX347d8WMZEWEvfjVpK 0.08752500 PPC
P94dhCVHUY1nN3Q55MR6LxBmUHERNwdhiF 0.08333000 PPC
PLVo3XgfVHxs5TQbmmwHniQHZ6PNvDyDzu 0.08311000 PPC
PHwFUNCMQbThoBVrt4qd5UH9CwUJsaK2CA 0.08227000 PPC
PC9bhP1A1SedXc6V1ueqSNmXm9b8zwCX3L 0.08189000 PPC
PE8dJNE6DG1A4Ji4jAn3TimTuN6hmDenYz 0.08054500 PPC
PGQT4CgBoNptgpG5BeZDExgHZe4a7HFnuQ 0.07167000 PPC


Date Address Sent Status TxID
22-Sep-2017 19:44:32 PFCEn71Ky9u78sn... 0.05026000 PPC Complete 25ad7dfb3eb655b...
21-Sep-2017 06:22:09 PJuFy6uuMTV7ECE... 0.04002000 PPC Complete 25ad7dfb3eb655b...
19-Sep-2017 23:09:56 PHACxDjDeybqXPU... 0.04009500 PPC Complete 40f423241f8d2e3...
19-Sep-2017 15:59:04 PV2f2M3DmVus3uB... 0.04005000 PPC Complete 40f423241f8d2e3...
12-Sep-2017 16:43:25 PCkjjdK7YXav42X... 0.04610000 PPC Complete 79cebef601df3ce...

What is Peercoin?

Peercoin (PPC) is low cost, secure cryptocurrency that rewards users with a 1% annual return.

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Peercoin is based on the Bitcoin software but is also a proof-of-stake currency meaning you get an 1% annual return on your Peercoin investment. There is no hard limit on the number of coins, however transactions fees are destroyed which adds a deflationary aspect to the currency.
Aside from the proof-of-stake aspect Peercoin can also be created by mining.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

Peercoin can be mined but profitable mining is limited to professional setups.

The best way to mine other cryptocurrencies is to join a mining pool. recommends MinerGate as they have low fees and a easy to use software solution which can mine multiple cryptocurrencies at once. No computer or industry knowledge is needed, just download the software, click the 'AutoMine' button and MinerGate will starting mining the coin that has been the most profitable over the previous hour!

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Trading Cryptocurrencies

If you want to turn your coin hoard directly into cash or are just looking to make cash off cryptocurrency trading, recommends Changelly as they have low fees and a simple, clean trading interface. They have loads of cryptocurrencies available to trade directly into Bitcoin, USD, Euros and Pound Sterling. It couldn't be easier to start trading like a pro!